Angela Magana Plans Her Own Funeral Ahead Of Massive Hurricane Heading Towards Puerto Rico

UFC strawweight Angela Magana has planned her own funeral in case she dies in the hurricane that is expected to hit Puerto Rico.

This week, Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Puerto Rico, where Magana is currently visiting.

On Tuesday, Magana shared a screenshot from a conversation she had with her sister where she gave her instructions for what to do if she were to die.

“But if I die you can’t have my house, properties, gold, money or my car. Grandpa is my power of attorney he can have it all,” Magana said in a text message.

“But I don’t want a funeral make it a bad(expletive) party with live music (mariachi & salsa) and free alcohol.”

Magana has not fought in the UFC in over two years. She is currently on a four-fight losing streak and has lost both of her fights inside the Octagon. On. Dec. 2, Magana is expected to return to the UFC and will fight Amanda Cooper at UFC 218.

My sister is very scared for us in #puertorico#hurricaneirmaTake note if I die…

Posted by Angela Magana on Tuesday, September 5, 2017