Attorney Says D.C. Has A Strong Case To Sue Jon Jones, And “Bankrupt Him”

Daniel Cormier may have a strong case against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones if he decided to sue him.

In July, at UFC 214, Jones knocked out Cormier to regain his UFC title. Since then, it has been revealed that Jones has tested positive for steroid use from a sample taken the day before he fought Cormier.

As a result of Jones’ failed drug test, Jones win against Cormier has been overturned to a no-contest. He may also be stripped of his title and is facing a four-year suspension. On top of all that, he could also be in some legal trouble.

On the Sherdog discussion forums, someone who claims to be litigation attorney says Cormier has a strong case against Jones.

“Just wanted to let you guys know if DC sues, which he might not because he’s such a classy guy, he can take UFC and JJ for EVERYTHING. He can sue the UFC for negligence and conspiracy and JJ for assault and battery.

“Mark Hunt’s case has survived dismissal motions and is still moving forward despite being MUCH weaker.

“DC suffered a brutal knockout that left him with potentially life altering brain damage and any doctor would testify to this. He agreed in a contract to fight a guy who was clean and instead got knocked unconscious and was clearly badly badly badly concussion and unstable for long after the fight.

“He has a phenomenal case and this is coming from a top level lawyer. If he chooses to sue he can very easily put not only Jones on the street but UFC bankrupt.

“I am expecting Jones to be homeless within the year.”