Baseball Player Banned For Same Steroid As Jones, 42 Supplements Can Trigger A Turinabol Positive, Including Ones At GNC

An MLB player is facing a lifetime ban from the sport after testing positive for the same steroid former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones tested positive for.

Cody Stanley, a free agent pitcher, was given a 162-games suspension on Friday and may receive a lifetime ban after testing positive for the steroid Turinabol.

Jones also tested positive for the steroid Turinabol from a sample taken the day before he fought Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

In a report by FOX Sports, a baseball official said over 42 supplements can result in a positive drug test for Turinabol.

“Forty-two supplements, including some that are available at GNC, can trigger a positive test for Turinabol, baseball officials said.”

Stanley has tested positive for the steroid on numerous occasions. He says his failed drug was due to a tainted supplement, and there is no way he would be dumb enough to take the same steroid he already tested positive for.

“Who would be stupid enough to take the same steroid again?” Stanley said. “You’d have to be an absolute idiot.”

With MLB officials saying some supplements can cause a positive test result for Turinabol, Jones’ team may be telling the truth about Jones’ failed drug test being caused by a tainted supplement.