Eddie Alvarez Put On Full Blast For His Coaching On TUF…By His Own Teammate!

Eddie Alvarez just got put on full blast for his coaching on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) by his own teammate Lauren Murphy. Alvarez was selected to coach opposite Justin Gaethje, on this seasons TUF ,where the UFC is introducing a new women’s flyweight (125lbs) division.

At 34 years old, Murphy has previously competed in the UFC at bantamweight (135lbs) and was hoping to get a career resurgence in the promotions new 125lb weight class. However, Murphy lost her first round fight to Nicco Montano and was an emotional mess after the fight so she decided to not attend the teams training session the next day.

“Eddie met me super recently,” Murphy said during a taped interview. “He doesn’t know anything about me. I’m doing my best here and if I need two hours to process the fact that I just blew my shot at the UFC title, like give me two f*cking hours by myself to cry it out and f*cking think about it and miss my husband and miss my kid and figure out how I’m gonna explain to them that I f*cking blew it without somebody like correcting my boxing technique. For two f*cking hours. I don’t think that’s asking so much, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request the day after I just fought my f*cking ass off in the cage. So don’t f*cking get on my ass or send out a bunch of bad energy because I didn’t go out to the gym this f*cking morning when you wanted me to. Like, I should be there immediately. I felt like I got hit by a f*cking bus this morning. F*ck.”

During the show, Alvarez got his chance to reply to Murphy’s interview.

“My job as a coach is to keep the morale of the team up, regardless of what goes on, I tell these girls all the time, I don’t care what happens. I care how we react to them. If you have a terrible reaction to a loss or what goes on, you start bringing down the spirit and the morale of the whole team. It’s kind of a selfish thing to do considering there’s eight girls around you depending on you.”

Eddie Alvarez after his fight with Dustin Poirier.

Murphy told MMAfighting.com that she would’ve been better off with Gaethje as her coach and was actually pretty jealous of the other team.

“I was definitely really resentful about it and I was really very envious of the girls on Team Gaethje, because they were allowed to have rest days whenever they wanted, they were having a lot of fun on their team,” Murphy said. “It seemed that their coaches really treated them with a lot of respect and I felt like I was getting the shitty end of that deal, having Eddie as a coach.”

“I was blown away,” Murphy said. “I was like, he f*cking said that shit about me? I can’t believe it. That’s crazy to me. I’m the one bringing down morale? Mother f*cker, you’re the one talking shit about me to the rest of the team. I’m quietly sitting at home taking a rest day and you’re talking shit about members of our own team. Who’s really bringing down the morale here? Or to say that those girls depend on me? Depend on me for what? I’m not their coach. You’re their f*cking coach. They’re depending on you. I guess part of me feels like it’s cowardly for him to say that to the camera and not be able to say it to my face, because he’s definitely never talked to me like that when the show was filming.”

Murphy doesn’t regret anything that happened on the show and is still training with former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson at “The MMA Lab” in Arizona.

“I don’t really regret anything I said on the show, to be honest with you,” she said. “Sometimes I wish I could have been a little more articulate. Sometimes I wish I had made my point a little clearer. But I don’t regret anything I said on the show, because everything came from my heart.”

“I am still training, definitely, and I love to fight,” Murphy said. “There’s some good things in the works coming up and everybody is gonna have to f*cking stay tuned.”