Fighters React To Jeremy Stephens’ Big Win Against Gilbert Melendez

On Saturday, UFC featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens earned one of the biggest wins of his career when he defeated Gilbert Melendez at UFC 215.

Melendez showed a lot of heart in his UFC featherweight debut. Early in the fight, Stephens landed a leg kick that severely damaged Melendez’s leg.

Even though he was clearly injured, Melendez refused to stop fighting. Throughout the fight, Stephens dropped Melendez on numerous occasions with kicks to his damaged leg. However, every time Melendez got knocked down, he got right back up and kept on swinging punches.

In the end, Stephens was not able to finish Melendez, but he did earn a unanimous decision victory.

Many UFC fighters were watching the fights Saturday and were impressed by both Stephen’s performance and Melendez’s toughness. Below, you can see how fighters reacted on Twitter to Stephens’ win against Melendez at UFC 215.