George Foreman: ‘The Ref Protected Mayweather In McGregor Fight’

Heavyweight boxing legend George Foreman believes the referee protected Floyd “Money” Mayweather in his last boxing match.

Last month, Mayweather fought UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor in his professional boxing debut.

During a recent interview, Foreman said the referee saved Mayweather after he was on the receiving end of a hard body shot in one of the later rounds.

“The referee protected Mayweather in one of the last rounds,” Foreman said. “He (McGregor) had him hurt, and was going for the finish, and the referee stepped in for no reason at all and stopped it. It was a vicious body punch.”

However, Foreman said it’s not rare for a referee to save a fighter from being finished in a boxing match.

“Conor had him with a good body shot and the referee saved him, but that’s typical of a boxing match,” Foreman said.

McGregor had shining moments throughout his fight with Mayweather. In the end, Mayweather earned a TKO victory in the 10th round after Mayweather landed a plethora of punches on the UFC champion.

In the video below, you can hear all of Foreman’s thoughts on McGregor’s performance against Mayweather.