Jeremy Stephens Takes Picture With Conor McGregor’s Mom And Trolls Him Using His Infamous Line

Jeremy Stephens

Probably one of the most famous and often repeated lines among MMA fans is when Conor McGregor forever branded UFC featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens with the “who the fook is that guy” line. The room during the presser roared with laughter and the memes flooded the internet. At the time Stephens didn’t seem very happy with being the laughing stock of the room, but responded to McGregor’s infamous line following the presser while on Sirius XM Radio.

“It’s kind of sad because I really couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying throughout the press conference, or what anybody was saying. I couldn’t hear what Donald Cerrone was saying and he was right next to me. I wanted to jump in a little bit more and create that buzz because there’s a lot of buzz around McGregor and I wanted to steal that thunder but I also didn’t want to sound like an idiot because I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying.

“When we got into it, it is what it is. He knows exactly who I am. I’ve fought on his cards before and had some nasty knockouts. It’s only a matter of time but right now my 100% focus is on Frankie Edgar. An exciting win, a great knockout, a highlight win puts me right in the mix for that title shot. You never know, there could be some injuries or whatnot and I’d gladly be the guy to step up and put on a show for the New York fans.”

Bat this point Jeremy’s definitely embracing it and that’s evident given his most recent social media post. Just a few minutes ago Jeremy Stephens trolled McGregor pretty hard by taking a picture with his mother with the hashtag #YourMomKnowsWhoDaFook. Whether Conor will bother to respond is anyones guess, as he’s still enjoying his time off after his mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather last month.

Without question, Jeremy Stephens got a bit of payback with this one though. Check out his post below.