Joe Rogan Has Something To Say About This Viral Preacher Punching A Kid

UFC commentator Joe Rogan couldn’t keep himself from laughing after hearing the story of a preacher punching a kid.

During an episode of his podcast, Rogan watched a video of a preacher telling the story of when he punches a kid for talking too much during youth group.

“We were outside one day in youth group and he was just trying to push my buttons. He wasn’t taking the lord serious, and I walked over to him and I went BAM!” the preacher said. “I punched him in the chest as hard… I crumpled the kid. I crumpled him, and I said, ‘Ben, when are you going to stop playing games with God?’ I led that man to the lord right there.”

After watching the video, Rogan and his guests couldn’t stop laughing because of how ridiculous his story was. In the video below, you can watch Rogan’s reaction of the preacher saying he punched a kid.