Mike Tyson Goes Really Dark, Gets Really Scary During This Interview Gone Wrong

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson got dark and scary during an intense interview.

While talking about his daughter’s death, Tyson talked about a dark place he went into emotionally. Tyson’s nine-year-old daughter passed away in 2009.

Tyson said he thought about grabbing a gun and hurting people. However, when he was at the hospital he realized the other people at the hospital were also there because their children were dead or were about to die.

Tyson also said he needed to do drugs after his daughter’s death in order to get over it. He said he did cocaine for about a week following her death.

After talking about his dark thoughts, he told the interviewer that he needed to leave.

In the video below, you can watch this extremely intense interview and listen to all of Tyson’s scary thoughts.