Paulie Says He Can Take Out the Entire UFC Division

Former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi believes he would be successful inside the Octagon.

On Friday, Malignaggi claimed that he could defeat anyone in his division in an MMA fight after someone on Twitter said he couldn’t beat anyone in the top 15.

“I’d steamroll my way through the whole division,” Malignaggi said on Twitter. “Ask (Conor McGregor) about my ground game.”

For weeks, Malignaggi has used any opportunity he can to trash talk the current UFC lightweight champion. Malignaggi’s bad blood with McGregor stems from their brief time as sparring partners.

After their second sparring session, Malignaggi left McGregor’s training camp because he didn’t like the way he was treated. He was upset that photos, and later videos, were released of McGregor landing clean shots against him.

Malignaggi sparred with McGregor to prepare him for his professional boxing debut. Last Saturday, McGregor fought Floyd “Money” Mayweather in Las Vegas. McGregor looked good early in the fight. But in the 10th round, Mayweather managed to earn a TKO victory over the UFC champion.