Popular UFC Referee Forced to Choke Out Fighter

A very well known UFC referee was forced to lock in a rear-naked choke in order to stop the fight when an amateur MMA fighter refused to get off of his opponent after dropping him with punches.

In 2014, Nathias Frederick and Ahmad Aswad fought in an amateur lightweight fight at a local promotion in the UK. At the end of first round, Frederick dropped Aswad and then swarmed him with punches on the ground.

The referee of the fight, Leon Roberts, stepped in to stop the fight, but Frederick would not stop. As a result, Roberts took Frederick’s back and briefly put him in a rear-naked choke.

Roberts has been an MMA referee since 2002 and has officiated many fights in the UFC dating back to 2008.

In the video below, you can see the finish of the fight, and see the referee show off his MMA skills as well.