Tony Ferguson Latest To Make Fun of Both Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor

UFC lightweight contender Tony Ferguson recently decided to provide his thoughts on the possibility of a third match up between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and fellow contender Nate Diaz.

In an interview with Submission Radio, as transcribed by MMA Mania, Tony Ferguson explained his distaste for the possible match up.

“F**k that Nate Diaz three shit. Nate don’t want to fight. He’s trying to recover from a f**king hit that he took with his management and all that other things. McGregor’s gotta defend or vacate. He’s gotta defend that belt, he needs to come back. If not, there goes his legacy, there goes the UFC shit. I mean, really, legitimately, why do we have rankings? Why do we have a belt system? Why do we have all this other stuff? If you guys really wanna get gangster, let’s do that sh*t. If you want to f**king put on money, let’s put it on paper, Nate. I will f**king Stockton slap the sh*t out of you kid. You don’t f**king know me, dude. Straight up. Same thing with Conor McGregor. You guys are a bunch of b**ches and you guys are a bunch of fakes. If you wanna fight while we’re here in the UFC, why don’t you come and sign on the dotted line after you get your sh*t together and defend your f**king belt, Conor.”