UFC Commentator Takes On The Very Sensitive Topic Of Race In America

UFC commentator Todd Grisham has shared his thoughts on the very sensitive topic of race in America.

Recently, ESPN tried to replace one of their hosts, Jemele Hill, after she posted a tweet showing her displeasure towards U.S President Donald Trump.

Even though Hill publically apologized to ESPN for the tweet, and they posted a statement saying they accepted her apology, ESPN still tried to find someone to replace her. However, other African-American analysts on ESPN refused to fill in for her.

After hearing this story, Grisham, who also used to work for ESPN, shared his thoughts on the situation.

“So Trump is the racist, but a white person isn’t allowed to host that show. Got it,” Grisham wrote on Twitter.

Grisham made his debut as a play-by-play commentator for the UFC earlier this year. Prior to working with the UFC, Grisham has worked for ESPN and WWE.