UFC Female Lauren Murphy Obliterates Eddie Alvarez In New Rant

UFC’s Lauren Murphy suffered a loss to Nicco Montaño in the first round of The Ultimate Fighter 26 flyweight tournament. Following her loss, Murphy had some choice words for her coach from the show. Former champion and TUF 26 coach Eddie Alvarez offered a remark to Lauren Murphy when she appeared at the afternoon training session the following day, as Murphy was not present at the morning training session.

In an interview on the show that was presented later, Lauren Murphy offered her side of the story. Here is what Murphy had to say:

“Eddie met me super recently. He doesn’t know anything about me. I’m doing my best here and if I need two hours to process the fact that I just blew my shot at the UFC title, like give me two f**king hours by myself to cry it out and f**king think about it and miss my husband and miss my kid and figure out how I’m going to explain to them that I f**king blew it without somebody correcting my boxing technique. For two f**king hours. I don’t think that’s asking so much. I don’t think that is an unreasonable request the day after I just fought my f**king ass off in the cage.

“So don’t f**king get on my ass or send out a bunch of bad energy, because I didn’t go out to the gym this f**king morning when you wanted me to. Like, I should be there immediately. I felt like I got hit by a f**king bus this morning. F**k.” Murphy said about her TUF coach Eddie Alvarez.