Betting Odds Open Up For McGregor vs. Diaz III and McGregor vs. Ferguson

Fresh off his historic MayMac fight, Conor McGregor is all the MMA world is seemingly interested in at present date.

Now, the UFC’s only real drawing star, Conor is sitting idle, enjoying time off, and not committing to when or against whom he will return to action against.

The top candidate seems to be Tony Ferguson, but there’s also the Nate Diaz trilogy waiting in the background too.

Here’s what McGregor’s manager had to say about the options available.

“Tony came out victorious. I represent Tony (as well as McGregor), so I was really happy for Tony to accomplish that. You have the trilogy fight with Nate Diaz. You even have boxers like Manny Pacquiao knocking on the door. I’ve said this before in many interviews – Conor has earned the right [to choose] and the numbers don’t lie. He is weighing his options. He is looking at all the different options and opportunities that are there for him but there is no question that he wants to come back and compete.” 

Everyone agrees the money fight is Nate, but the right fight is Ferguson.

With no one really knowing the whens and wheres of McGregor’s next move, oddsmakers opened up gambling odds on both fights, and have pegged McGregor as the odds favorite against the two potential opponents.

The fellas at Bovada have released the opening odds as follows:

McGregor vs. Ferguson
Conor McGregor: -165
Tony Ferguson: +135

McGregor vs. Diaz
Conor McGregor: -250
Nate Diaz: +200

Did they get these right?