Bisping Just Exposed GSP’s Most Controversial Moment As a UFC Fighter

While Georges St-Pierre is looking to return to the UFC, Michael Bisping is not set on making it easy for him. Taking to social media, “The Count” recently decided to pull up one of the former welterweight champion’s most controversial moments.

“Rush” retired from the sport of mixed martial arts nearly four years ago. That being said, St-Pierre has decided to make an octagon return in a new weight class. This time, the fighter will be taking on UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217. As the fight continues to draw near, “The Count” and St-Pierre continue to verbally clash with their trash talk.

In his latest shot at the former welterweight champion, Bisping took a moment to point out Georges St-Pierre’s 2009 Vaseline scandal. During the year, St-Pierre received some serious heat for allegedly having great amounts of Vaseline applied to his chest and back by his cornermen in between rounds of the highly anticipated fight at UFC 94.

Here is what “The Count” had to say over Instagram:

“Hey @georgesstpierre no cheating this time please.”

Hey @georgesstpierre no cheating this time please ???

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UFC 217 will be live on pay-per-view and will take place on Nov. 4 inside the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York.