BJJ Coach Gives His Student Cauliflower Ear On Purpose

Cauliflower ear is a common site among those of the combat sports world. The phenomenon is a hematoma, or collection of swelling blood within tissue, that occurs within the ears.

Often caused by blunt trauma, fighters can be struck on or around ear, causing blood to clot within the ear. The clot can cause the cartilage to expand. Once the clot has passed, the cartilage collapses. The end result is what is known as cauliflower ear. The occurrence can be quite damaging to a fighter’s hearing.

That being said, one Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor appears to be giving his students cauliflower ear on purpose.

In the video above, a BJJ coach can be seen violently rubbing his elbow into the ear of one of his students. The student appears to be accepting of the treatment. Check out the odd moment in the video above.