Bob Arum Just Besmirched Dana White: ‘You take all the fighter’s money … the UFC is a failing business!’


Over the years, UFC president Dana White has not made many promoter friends in the combat sports world. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite.

The UFC has poised themselves to be a winner takes all promotion. They aren’t looking to be friendly with their competition, instead, the UFC president Dana White is content in keeping his competition at arms length, and he’s never been too concerned with being friends.

Now, in a new interview with NYFights notorious boxing promoter Bob Arum had some choice words for the UFC President and the UFC.

Check it out:

“You have to understand, UFC is a monopoly. The money they earn on a fight because they pay their athletes 20 percent of the gross, we pay around 80 percent, what they say they’re investing back in the business, they’re investing in themselves.

“They put money in their pockets! That’s not investing in anything. In boxing, there are a large number of promoters, and when a promoter has a successful event and there’s a profit he earns, he puts it back in the company.

“What the f**k is White talking about? White is speaking from desperation now, he’s the spokesperson for what could be a failing business!”

To his credit, Arum isn’t wrong. The UFS has turned in a historically low profit in 2017, and even let boxing surpass them in sales this year, for the first time in modern UFC history.