Check Out This Historic 112 Year Old Jiu Jitsu Match

Ernest Regnier has become known as a pioneer of French Jiu Jitsu. Regnier gained some public attention for his craft when he defeated a popular wrestler of the time Georges Dubois. Of course, their match was 112 years ago.

Following the defeat, Dubois would go on to study the martial art of Bartistu for himself, later writing a manual concerning the martial art.

Bloody Elbow’s John S. Nash reported over Twitter, “Regnier was a good but not successful wrestler who then studied jujutsu in London with former Bartitsu instructors Yukio Tani & Taro Miyake. After learning jujitsu he returned to Paris & competed as ‘Professor Re-Nie’. Eventually ran into the 100 pound heavier wrestler ‘Witzler'”

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