Check Out This Tour Of Joe Rogan’s Brand New Podcast Studio

UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has cultivated a storied and multifaceted career. Rogan kindled his passion for martial arts by becoming a Taekwondo competitor in his youth. Rogan would go on to become a stand-up comedian with a series of televised comedy specials. Rogan also acted as a television host for shows such as Fear Factor and his own Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

Now Rogan is a veteran color-commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). There, the multi-talented man has become a voice for the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion. That being said, Rogan is still branching out into other mediums.

Rogan has taken over the world of podcasts with his series Joe Rogan Experience. Now it would appear that the veteran UFC commentator has decided to expand his podcast by moving into a new recording studio. Check out the new studio in the video above.