Classy Champ Daniel Cormier Gives His UFC Belts To His Coaches

Despite getting knocked out in his last fight, Daniel Cormier remains the UFC light-heavyweight champion following a failed Jon Jones drug test that would overrule the bout’s outcome.

Having only lost to one man after gaining titles in two divisions, Daniel Cormier is widely considered one of the greatest fighters of all time.

While there’s still competition at the top of the “All Time” list, D.C. finds himself in rare company if one disregards Jon Jones’ accomplishments due to his troubling drug test failures.

When a fighter captures UFC gold, their belt is their trophy, it’s their proof that they’ve reached the pinnacle of their sport. Some sports have medals, some have rings, but if you’re a prize fighter you get a championship belt.

Typically, champions place their belts on their mantles or in their trophy case.  If your Brock Lesnar, you may even lose them. But, rarely do champs give their belts away.

But that’s exactly what Daniel Cormier did. He gave his belts to Bob Cook and Javier Mendez. It was these two coaches that turned Cormier from a one-dimensional wrestler, to a world champion UFC fighter. They were there on day one, and they are still there today.

Taking to his verified Instagram, D.C. stated,

Today I was able to give @akajav and @crazybobcook title belts framed with a photo of every fight from my first title reign. That reign has ended and hopefully we are able to start another one with Volkan. I wouldn’t be anywhere without these two men. They have been there since day 1. I can’t thank you guys enough. Thanks @fanatics you guys have always been great to me. #rumble #gustafson #silva #rumble #weareaka #bayarea #zinkinent