Conor McGregor Just Hit T.V. To Apologize For Using The Word “F*ggot”

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor hit the national T.V. to issue a public apology for using the controversial homophic slur he recently went viral for.

McGregor, who was walking his teammate backstage, called Andre Fili a “f*ggot multiple times while Cameras were rolling.

Now, a little more than a week removed, and Conor has issued the following response. You can also check out the video replay above.

“That’s the fighter I was going to watch and support. And I witnessed him lose a potential career ending fight, in a manner where the opponent was stalling and running away.”

“And I was upset, and I was whispering in his ear, and I was speaking on that. And I said what I said, and I meant no disrespect to nobody of any, the LGBT community. I didn’t mean no disrespect.”

“I campaigned when we were trying to get same sex marriage legalized. I was campaigning for that. Again, it’s another one where things get blown out. Any chance they get they love to throw me under the bus.”