Conor McGregor’s Manager Confirms Who He Wants Next

A lot has been speculated about Conor McGregor’s next UFC move, and now Conor’s manager is also throwing his two-cents into the mix.

Manager to both Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson, Audie Attar finds himself in a pretty good spot. Win or lose for McGregor, and the manager still has the champ on his roster.

But, who does he want next for MMA’s biggest draw….

Attar tells UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, via his podcast, that he wants his two clients to face off next, and despite his obvious conflict of interest, believes it is the right move.

Here’s how he broke it down:

“The sport is one where they’re gonna compete. If you have clients in the same weight class and they’re the top of the division, they’re gonna meet. . . With Tony and Conor, it’s inevitable. You have the lightweight champ and the interim lightweight champ, so that’s a fight that’s naturally gonna happen.”

“No, I can’t say [who McGregor will fight next]. Here’s what I will tell you, Tony earned a shot at the belt. He won the interim lightweight title. Conor doesn’t shy away from a challenge. The Nate fight does make sense, obviously, because of the trilogy, they never fought at 155, but they both make sense in their own respective way. However, I do believe that when [McGregor and Ferguson] go at it, it will, in my opinion, validate the belt system. It will validate what a championship belt is all about.”

Do you agree?