Cornerman Who Punched Normal Parke Receives Ban For Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Things quickly got out of hand when former UFC competitor Norman Parke suffered a series of eye pokes from opponent Mateusz Gamrot at KSW 40 in Dulbin, Ireland. The fight was eventually halted and turned to a no contest due to Parke’s impaired vision.

After the fight, Parke approached Gamrot and shoved one of his cornermen. Another cornerman of Gamrot, Marcin Bilman retaliated by punching Parke in the face. Now it would appear that the Bilman has been receiving a ban from KSW as a punitive measure for his actions.

In a statement offered by KSW, it was announced that Bilman would receive a ban.

“Since it was Norman Parke who started the scuffle, as he approached the corner of his opponent and then pushed away Borys Mankowski, he will be fined for this unprofessional behaviour.

“KSW Federation condemns the reaction of Marcin Bilman, one of Gamrot’s cornermen, who hit Norman Parke. There is no place in KSW for such unsportsmanlike actions, both from fighters and their cornermen. Such behaviour is very different from the professional standards that KSW Federation requires from its fighters.

“As a result, Marcin Bilman will be banned from cornering fighters on KSW shows for 9 months, while Mateusz Gamrot will be fined as he is responsible for the behavior of his cornermen.”