Covington Just Delivered The Craziest Fight Prediction In UFC History, For His Fight Against Demian Maia

Ahead of this weekend’s UFC co-main event, the never-lacking-confidence Colby Covington just dished out one of, if not thee, craziest pre-fight prediction for his fight against BJJ ace Demian Maia, that we’ve ever heard.

To his credit Demian Maia is widely considered among the very elite grapplers to ever compete in the UFC, his only rival likely being that of Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Which is why Colby’s prediction is just so insane.

Maia has made a career out of making world class fighters look like amateurs once the fight hits the mat. So much so that when he fought Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight championship, the always aggressive knockout artist in Silva was forced to dance around and avoid any grappling exchanges at all costs. It was the legend’s most boring performance to date.

Soon enough though, we’ll find out of Covington can back up his bold statements for success, because we’re just two-days out from these two fighting inside the Octagon.

Taking to the pre-fight media scrum, Colby Covington laid out his prediction as follows:

“I think it would be too easy to knock out Demian Maia. So, I want to challenge myself. I’m going to go out there and submit him. Probably with a bulldog choke or Peruvian necktie.”

Here’s the full interview: