D.C. Criticized By Military Wife For Using The Term “Firefight” During UFC Commentary Role

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was cage side for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 119, as the champion was color commentating for the night. During the event, Cormier described one of the night’s octagon performances as a “firefight.” Now it would appear that one fight fan is not okay with Cormier’s choice of words and has decided to speak out.

UFC Fight Night 119 went down Saturday night, Oct. 28, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The night’s main event saw the octagon return of Lyoto Machida, as the fighter faced off against Derek Brunson. Brunson earned a swift knockout victory over the Brazil native, leaving the Sao Paulo crowd silent.

However, Colby Covington’s co-main event decision victory over Brazil’s own Demian Maia left the crowd in an uproar. Following the victory, Covington called Brazil a “dump” and its citizens “filthy animals.” The fighter was rushed out of the arena following his controversial statement. All of that in mind, it would appear that another matter has drawn the attention of this fight fan.

Taking to Twitter, she said “my husband served in the infantry, he’d appreciate you not using this term while commentating. It’s not an accurate term.”

Daniel Cormier responded, “really ?”