Dana White Reveals What’s Next For Jon Jones And The UFC, Should Jones Get A Light USADA Punishment

UFC President Dana White was recently a guest at the Sports Illustrated studies where he discussed this UFC’s anti-doping policy.

Recently White has expressed how disappointed in Jon Jones he is and that he’s probably the biggest waste of talent in the history of sports.

“Ever…. ever, in all of sports.” White said to TSN. “The guys is so talented and gifted, who knows what he would be doing now if he hadn’t ever got in trouble. “He could possibly be the heavyweight champion and have the defense record that couldn’t be broken.”

During a new interview, the UFC boss addressed what happens to Jon Jones, should Jones get a light sentence for his latest drug test.

Dana stated, “Legally, USADA would have to handle this thing, and whatever USADA says, he’s gonna have to follow that punishment, because they work hand-in-hand with the athletic commission, whether it’s Nevada, California, or wherever it might be, which is essentially the government,. So the government works with USADA, and they figure out what the ban is gonna be.”

“If it came back that Jon Jones would get a three-month suspension, legally, I owe him a fight. I legally owe him a fight. I have a contract with the guy.”

“In a perfect world, that sounds awesome. This isn’t a perfect world.”

Here’s the full interview: