Dana White Throws Shade On Anthony Pettis’ New Whip

The UFC’s Anthony Pettis recently decided to take to social media and share his new purchase with the world. The tough lightweight competitor recently bought a new car. Going to Instagram, Pettis showed off his “new toy.”


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That being said, UFC President Dana White had a stunning response when he caught wind of the news. As provided by Flo Combat, Dana White offered a comment to the fighter’s recent social media post.

“I hate to be a Debbie downer, but I had mine for two days and returned it. They are pieces of sh*t, kid. There are 1,000 cars/trucks you can buy that are less money and much better.”

Image provided by Flo Combat

Anthony Pettis is now gearing up for his next big octagon performance. This time, the fighter will be taking on Dustin Poirier at UFC Fight Night 120. The two competitors will throw down Nov. 11 in Norfolk, Virginia.