When Fans Clap Back! UFC’s Brad Tavares Savagely Owned By Fight Fan

Everyday countless UFC fighters, past and present, are forced to endure ridicule, insults, and drama from the world wide web’s twitter trolls.

Fight fans are a ruthless bunch, who share little respect for the athletes in the UFC. When you mix that mindset with a passionate topic like NFL football, feelings are bound to be hurt.

MMAImports.com has created ‘When fans clap back’ for moments just like this.

UFC middleweight Brad Tavares is a die-hard football fan. Come Sunday, the man is glued to his Twitter ready to tweet for hours on gameday. Last Sunday though, Brad’s typical fan interactions took a turn when he insulted the Cleveland Indians, something this fight fan didn’t like.

It all started when the UFC fighter sent out this tweet:

Then the obvious Brown’s fan came in:

Then the two exchanged, and the UFC fighter got owned and is now in this week’s ‘When fans clap back’.

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