The Fans Have Spoken! UFC’s New Reebok Commercial Gets Truck Loads Of Negative Feedback

In an effort to sell more official UFC Reebok merchandise, the UFC has just released a brand new commercial on their official Youtube channel.

And though, it includes much of the same footage from their last Reebok sales pitch, this updated version includes a couple new stars like Francis Ngannou and Sage Northcutt.

When the UFC linked up with Reebok, the fighters and fans have been vocal about their discontent with the deal. Still though, with the UFC locked into a multi-year agreement, it’s put up and shut up season.

On their Youtube verson of the new video, UFC officials had to turn off comments in order to keep the hate for their product at bay. But that didn’t work, because the thumbs down button has been clicked disproportionately to the thumbs up icon, a rarity for UFC content on their official youtube.

Below is a screen cap of the user feedback, followed by the video so you can see for yourself.

And here’s that video: