Fight Fans Just Gave Tony Ferguson An AMAZING New Nickname

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson has just been honored with a fan proposed nickname, and it’s a good one.

Ferguson captured UFC interim gold with his dominant win over the very capable Kevin Lee, nearly three-weeks ago, in the UFC 216 main event.

Now, as it would seem, the rising UFC star is on a direct collission course with the UFC’s biggest star in Conor McGregor.

Ferguson has repeatedly called out Conor over the years, and during his title winning post-fight victory speech he took to the mic and called him out again.

Calling him “McNugget” during the post-fight interview, fight fans seem to have grabbed ahold of that remark, and they don’t want to let go.

A new hilarious edit to Tony’s wikipedia shows the new fighter nickname as, “McNugget Killer”.

Should Tony keep it?

Here’s a screen cap of Tony’s new name:

Currently a fight between Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor has not been booked. However, rumors state the two could meet in the UFC 219 main event on December 30.