Fighter Who Landed Viral Boston Crab Submission Breaks His Silence

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Mixed martial artist Jonno Mears faced off against Aaron Jones on Saturday night for Full Contact Contender 19. Now Mears is making headlines for his impressive WWE finish over his opponent. Pulling off the famous WWE “Boston Crab,” Mears managed to earn a submission finish over Jones. Now Jonno Mears has come forward with his thoughts on his viral Boston Crab Submission

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Jonno Mears explained that he has been a fan of the WWE for some time. As a child watching the WWF (Now WWE), Mears would practice his favorite pro-wrestling moves on his brother.

“I loved and studied all the moves. I wasn’t great at remembering the names, as I was trying to do them on my younger brother.”

Mears’ Saturday night submission has since gone viral, much to the surprise of the mixed martial artist.

“I’m very shocked at the response. I knew it would be good, but not this amazing.”

That being said, Jonno Mears has been training his WWE moves, in hopes of one day shocking the world of MMA.

“So I played with it in my training and kept it in my mind knowing it would be funny and somewhat new.”

Speaking on his fight against Aaron Jones, Jonno Mears broke down his thought process leading to the submission.

“When I took him down, he turned to all fours quick, but I managed to chin strap him and was going to try the Peruvian necktie. But he tucked his chin, so I jumped to his back, then the crab came into my head. Then, during the scramble, I was going to turn into mount and give it up, but I seen he covered up during me striking him, so I thought why not I just try? And I was shocked myself I got a hold of his legs in a scramble.”

Some critical fight fans claim that Jones was likely tapping to the foot lock, rather than the pressure being applied to Jones’ back. Mears offered his thought on the criticism.

“I’m sure it was his back, although I applied it slowly knowing it’s a dangerous move being a spine lock. But he refused to tap, so I cranked it a bit more while sticking out the tongue.”

Check out Mears’ incredible “Boston Crab” submission in the video below: