“Iron” Mike Tyson Says He Went From Champ To Tennis Ball Boy

Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will always be known for his ferocious power and scary knockouts inside the squared circle. Of course he had his ups and down outside of the ring, but “Iron” Mike’s blazing fast knockouts are still what most fans think of when they hear Tyson’s name.

However, these days things are quite different for the former champion, and he’s just fine with that.

“Very much so. I appreciate the journey.” Tyson said in an earlier interview with SI. “And I appreciate the fact that my father-in-law is right here. Come on in, Dad. I’m so happy. This is a different kind of living for me. I’m used to being a bachelor. Even when I was married before, I would have a house here, and there would be a house in D.C. or New York. The fact that I have a family base, my father-in-law comes in, my kids run up and down, this is their playroom. They come in to me and my wife’s room. This is my life now.”

For Tyson, the future is about his family and friends, with his wild days long behind him.

“Live. Just be alive first, and healthy. Just want to cultivate a relationship with my family, my friends. Ten years, 60. How is everything going? Probably be going too fast for me to do that at 60. That’s what I’m afraid of. If it’s going to be fast like this. I think I’m 50, my life is still going fast.” Tyson said.

And judging by the recent photograph that he posted to his social media, “Iron” Mike is doing exactly that.

#Heavyweightchamp turned into #tennisballboy. Typical #Monday now” – Mike Tyson

#Heavyweightchamp turned into #tennisballboy. Typical #Monday now

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