Gleison Tibau On His Failed Drug Test For EPO: ‘I don’t feel bad because all fighters take it’

Gleison Tibau has had a rough two years. The mixed marital arts veteran has garnered a total 16 wins inside the octagon, with a series of exciting performances. However, Tibau tested positive for erythropoietin (EPO) in Nov. of 2015. The fighter’s big win over Abel Trujillo at UFC Fight Night 77 was overturned due to the in and out of competition drug test failure. Then, the fighter was suspended for two years by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Gleison Tibau opened up about his last two years away from the sport. While the fighter revealed that the last two years have been hard, Tibau also had an interesting answer when asked about his regrets in taking the banned substance.

Here is what the fighter had to say:

“I have my soul and head cool. It’s a substance that no UFC athlete will point a finger at me and say anything because everyone else used it. I’m 100 percent sure everyone else used it. I was the first fighter to get caught with this new USADA rule. I was misinformed that this substance wasn’t allowed with USADA. I needed it because my tests showed I had low red blood cells, so I needed that to get better.”