Herb Dean Honored By Kentucky Fried Chicken, And His Reaction Is Priceless

Herb Dean has a storied career with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The mixed martial arts referee has performed for a mass of UFC events through the years, gaining Dean a reputation for excellence in his profession. Now it would appear that the MMA referee veteran has gotten the rather unexpected attention of the fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

At first glance, the official Twitter account for the fast food chain is nothing too out of the ordinary. However, KFC is only following 11 other accounts.

KFC has long advertised their food as containing “11 herbs and spices.” Dedicated to that claim, the fast food chain has decided to follow all five members of the pop group Spice Girls and six different notable individuals that each share the name Herb. Herb Dean is one of those few.


Once the referee veteran became aware of the situation, Dean decided to offer a response over Twitter.

“My commitment to me one of 11 herbs and spices has never been stronger. I will continue to do All I can to promote flavor.”