JDS Speaks Out Against USADA For Making “Victims” Out Of UFC Fighters

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos was initially set to take on rising contender Francis Ngannou at UFC 215 this past September. However, the former champion was pulled from the match up after failing a drug test for the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide. Now dos Santos has come forward with his thoughts on USADA’s duty as an anti-doping agency.

In an interview with Combate, as translated by Bloody Elbow, dos Santos broke down what it was like first hearing the news.

“Until I got home, I thought it was a prank, I couldn’t believe it. I talked to my wife and she told me USADA had notified me. I said ‘For the love of God, it can’t be possible. What could I test positive for?’ I called up the UFC people the following day and they told me it was a diuretic. It was such a small amount of it, it couldn’t even act as a diuretic in my system. It even took me a while to urinate on the day I had to take the test, so it wasn’t acting as a diuretic that day.

“But they found it and the rule is the same for everyone. Not matter how little of it they found. This certainly shows that there was a contamination. They had nothing else to do but to notify me and pull me out of the fight.”

Speaking on USADA, dos Santos explained that he feels victimized by the organization.

“At first I was devastated. I’ve been in favor of USADA, I’ve always said how much I support it, how much I want a drugless sport, a fair sport. I’ve always been clean, so my mind is at ease. Everything is under investigation, now, but that’s another problem, because I have no idea where this came from and it’s up to me to prove my innocence and that’s kind of weird. At first I used to think ‘Why is USADA there? For cheaters or for the ones who play by the rules end up as victims?’ I’m obviously a victim of a situation that I don’t what it is.

“I’m getting major support from USADA and from the UFC in my search for answers. This not knowing is absurd, it eats you up inside, it’s like tearing your soul apart. I’ve always been very vocal about all this, but now the only thing I ask myself is if USADA is there for cheaters or for innocent people who end up in this situation.”