Joe Rogan Discusses His 22 Days Of Sobriety . . . And He’s Not Too Sure About It

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan has cultivated a storied career. A Taekwondo competitor at a young age, Rogan has always had a passion for martial arts. The commentator would go on to form a respected stand-up comedy career and host the television series Fear Factor and Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Beyond that, Rogan has also been a color commentator for the most famous mixed martial arts promotion in the world for many years. Now, it would appear that the commentator may be making another change to his daily life.

Rogan is an avid user and advocate for cannabis. However, the commentator recently revealed on his acclaimed podcast Joe Rogan Experience that he has not partaken in any such substances in nearly a month, a total 22 days.

Check out Rogan’s thoughts on participating in “sober October” and being without cannabis in the video above.