Lights Turn Off, Power Goes Out In The Middle Of One Of Saturday’s Fights

While UFC Fight Night 118 went down today in Gdansk, Poland, mixed martial arts promotion Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) was hosting ACB 73 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Of course, things did not go quite as planned for the ACB promotion.

During ACB 73 there were some serious technical difficulties. The Rio de Janeiro arena was stricken with intermittent power outages. Now a video of the incident has risen to the internet for all to see.

During a fight from the day’s event, two competitors can be seen grappling from the full guard position. However the fight is abruptly halted by a power outage that left the entire arena in the dark. The commentators can be heard expressing their frustrations with the situation, as the local crowd yells in surprise to the incident.

To see the unexpected power problem, check out the video above from Saturday’s fights.