Mark Hunt Issues Official Response To Dana White’s Open Letter

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt was unexpectedly removed from the UFC’s return to Sydney, Australia. Later, the mixed martial arts promotion revealed that Hunt was removed from the main event due to a previously published work from the fighter. In the article, Hunt stated that he has experienced slurred speech and a loss sense of time during his fighting career. The symptoms of head trauma hinted at in Hunt’s work lead the UFC to pull the fighter from his upcoming match up.

Mark Hunt has gone on to deny that he is medically unfit to fight and that the UFC is simply targeting him for his unrelated lawsuit with the MMA promotion. UFC President Dana White later offered a lengthy letter to clear the air on the matter. The president claimed that Hunt was never medically cleared to fight in Sydney. Now Mark Hunt has come forward with a response, to White’s recent letter.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, as transcribed by MMA Fighting, Hunt said:

“As soon as we pinpoint what the issue is, we can fix it. I’m willing to take more tests. You tell me what I need to do. They’re not saying exactly what’s wrong with me, why they pulled me.”

Hunt went on to explain that he took necessary medical tests in Australia, rather than in Las Vegas as the UFC initially requested.

“I did do it in Australia and they still pulled me from the card. They didn’t use the doctors results that they got. They still pulled me. They didn’t listen to the doctors’ reports. … Why should i have to fly all the way out to Las Vegas for? Why?”

Hunt completed his thoughts by adding:

“If there’s things they want me to do to compete, then fine. I’ll do that. I need to do these three fights and move on. … I’m still waiting for what they want me to do. I’m still waiting to here what it is that I need to do to fix this.”