McGregor Gets Pulled Over For Driving Speeds Of 200+, Only Gets Fined A Selfie With The Cop

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has earned a celebrity status within the sports world. Now it would appear that the UFC lightweight champion recently found a fan under an unexpected circumstance.

As seen in the video above, “Notorious” explains the time he was pulled over for allegedly speeding in excess of 200 miles per hour. However, McGregor was not fined or jailed for the act. Instead, he simply took a selfie with the police officer.

Here is McGregor’s telling of the experience below:

“He comes up to the window, looks at me and says ‘Do you have a driver’s license?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ I showed him the driver’s license. He looked at the driver’s license, looked at me and said ‘Do you mind if I jump in the passenger seat for a selfie?’ He jumps in the passenger seat, takes the selfie and says ‘Thank you very much, see you later.’ Off I went at 200 miles per hour.”