Miesha Tate Clarifies Her Anti-Autograph Stance With New Statement

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has garnered a cult following of fans throughout her illustrious career in mixed martial arts. Facing some of the best in the division, including UFC megastar Ronda Rousey, Tate formed a record of 18-7 in her career, retiring after coming off of a two fight losing streak to Raquel Pennington and Amanda Nunes.

While Miesha Tate may be retired, the former champion still stays in touch with her fans. Going to Twitter, Tate recently liked a video of a celebrity turning down an autograph. While many fight fans legitimately desire autographs from their favorite fighters, there are those that wish to only acquire autographs to sell them later.

A passionate fan was quick to respond to Tate’s message, with “They are all part of building your network and fans. They make effort to come out and wait. SIGN!”

Miesha Tate, who does generally sign autographs on request, responded to the fan with her reasoning.

“Show up w ethics and we will, I’ll gladly sign for anyone but to make a dollar off of me, it’s wasnt your blood on the canvas it was mine.”

Later, Tate offered a more detailed explanation of her point-of-view. Taking to Twitter again, the former champion posted:

“We have company’s like @Topps that pay us to sign then and resell them. That is fair. It’s not fair when ‘fans’ deceive us.”

“If you are making money off someone else’s hard work & not giving them a cut that’s stealing.”