MSN Report Gets It Wrong, UFC’s Cole Miller Is Not Dead

In a real-life case of mistaken identity, fight fans can rest easy learning that MSN’s report of Cole Miller being dead is untrue.

Well, sort of…

There was a Cole Miller who tragcally passed away, but it wasn’t the UFC’s Cole Miller, as the MSN report would have you believe.

It’s an unfortunate, yet fortunate, bit of fake news that has hit our world of Mixed Martial Arts today.

Here’s a screen shot from the MSN report, followed by an excerpt and our Cole Miller’s reaction:

“A New Zealand national is set to be sentenced over the one-punch death of Brisbane teenager and promising sportsman Cole Miller.

Armstrong Renata, 23, is to face a sentence hearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, having previously pleaded guilty to a count of unlawful striking causing death.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Renata punched Mr Miller in the back of the head while out in the Fortitude Valley nightclub district in January 2016.”

Now, the Cole Miller that we all know, the TUF alum and UFC veteran, has taken to his own twitter to assure fans he’s o.k. and offer his condolences to the young man who shares his name.