New Viral Video Showing Pregnant Woman Sparring Raises Concerns Over Safety

Mixed martial arts is a demanding sport. In training, fighters can suffer serious injuries. From torn tendons to concussions, mixed martial artists put it all on the line for their combat careers. Now it would appear that a practitioner has decided to spar during her pregnancy.

In the video above, a pregnant woman can be seen gearing up in sparring equipment and going toe-to-toe with her training partner. The video has since raised some concerns among fight fans, as many have come forward over the internet with questions concerning the safety of sparring during pregnancy.

The two individuals do not go full speed in their sparring, focusing more on their technique than striking power. The woman’s training partner also never strikes near the stomach during the session. Still, the video has caused many to consider the safety of the act.

To see the video that has many fight fans speaking out, check out the video above.