Rampage Jackson Endorses MMA Fighter Running For California Governor

Quinton Jackson jumped on social media earlier to urge everyone to show their support to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter running for the Governor of California. Maverick “Soul Collector” Von Haug is trying to governor for the state but according to a lot of the older, hardcore MMA fans, he’s got a bit of a questionable history.

Maverick fought the majority of his fights during the mid-2000’s and his pro fight record shows him as 8-5. However, rumors are that many of his wins were fixed, and the latter part of his career certainly didn’t go very well for him with four straight first-round losses. Of course none of this can be verified, nor does it necessarily disqualify him from being Governor, so check him out and you can decide for yourself if his fights are legit.

Here’s what forlifeafter.com had to say about Maverick Von Haug.

“Mavrick Von Haug is a name UFC fans have celebrated for nearly a decade, when he was known as the infamous “Soul Collector.” This 5-year championship title-holder in the light-heavyweight division leveraged his wrestling fame into a film career. Mavrick chose to hone his acting career in faith-based films, including REVELATION ROAD: THE SEA OF GLASS AND FIRE and REVELATION ROAD: THE BEGINNING OF THE END. DO YOU BELIEVE? is Mr. Von Haug’s third film collaboration with Brian Bosworth, who also starred in both of the REVELATION ROAD movies.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson jumped on his Twitter to post the below video and said, “MMA fighter running for Governor for the state of California let’s support him You better ask somebody”

Check out the video below: