Ready For A New Super Star? UFC President Dana White Says He’s Got One

Let’s face it, the UFC is currently losing more superstars than gaining them.

Over the recent years we’ve lost the likes of countless household names. Former champions, Chuck Liddell, Ronda Rousey, Bock Lesnar, Rampage, so many more . . . .

The last major star the UFC cultivated is Conor McGregor. And true, he’s the biggest mega-star they’ve ever helped create, but he hasn’t fought for the promotion even once this year, and there’s no real telling when he’ll return.

So, Dana’s got a new man in the form of UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou, who Dana White thinks might be his next big star.

In an interview with TSN MMA Show, the UFC boss said, “I like Francis Ngannou. I think Francis Ngannou can be the next big thing, literally and figuratively.”

“When you’re a badass, language has nothing to do with it. Look at Anderson Silva. Georges St-Pierre. The list goes on and on. It’s about your performances.

“We think about the talking because Conor’s so good. Conor’s a great fighter, and every time he opens his mouth it’s hilarious. But you find those guys once in a blue moon.”

Ngannou faces Alistair Overeem at UFC 218 on Dec. 2. I guess time will tell.