Joe Rogan Explains Why Using PEDs In Mixed Martial Arts Should Be A Criminal Offense

Performance enhancing drugs are always a tough subject in the world of mixed martial arts. Some fighter and fans are not happy with the practices of the UFC’s anti-doping watch dog USADA. The organization wants to track the location of all the UFC competitors, update their rigorous list of banned substances regularly and crack down on doping in the sport of MMA. Still, anti-doping polices are a necessity.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones recently failed another drug test. Returning from his suspension, Jones faced off against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 earlier this year. While Jones won, the fight would later be overturned. Jones failed another drug test. As a fighter consistently in conversation as a possible greatest of all time contender, the multiple drug test offenses has begun to raise some eyebrows. Of Course, UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan believes PED usage in MMA needs to stop for another reason.

As seen in the video above, Joe Rogan explains the physical danger that many fighters are placed in when facing competitors on performance enhancing drugs. For Rogan’s full thoughts, see the video above.