Ronda Rousey Has An “Emotionally Charged” New T.V. Show Debuting Tonight

She might not be an active part of the UFC roster but former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is still quite busy with a number of projects in Hollywood. Rousey hasn’t stepped into the octagon since her stoppage loss to Amanda Nunes last December but fans will get to see what she’s been working on when her new television show debuts tonight.

The show is called “Why We Fight” and Ronda Rousey is the executive producer. The series follows a character named Zac “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman on his journey across the globe, where he runs into other fighters along the way who have their own reason for fighting. The series is comprised of eight 45-minute episodes and premieres October 18th on Go90.

“Why We Fight is a powerful, visceral and multi-layered journey that goes beyond the ring and explores the motivations that compel these athletes to compete in their sport,” said Justin Killion, GM of Premium Content for Complex Networks. “We’re honored that Zac shared his personal story with us. ”

“We expect the series will hook viewers far beyond the traditional fight audience,” Chris Uettwiller, who’s company, Dirty Robber, was one of the co-producers of the series. “Through Zac, we were able to capture an authenticity rarely seen in the fight world. Why We Fight allows the viewer to see the fears and vulnerabilities of men and women who might otherwise appear invincible.”

Check out the trailer to Rousey’s new series “Why We Fight” below.