Rumor: UFC Wants A CM Punk Co-Main Event

Phil Brooks, better known as WWE megastar C.M. Punk, decided to try his hand at mixed martial arts last year. For his MMA debut, the pro-wrestler turned fighter was set to fight inside the octagon. With the UFC hosting one of the most stacked rosters in the sport, it was sure to be a challenge. It turned out to perhaps be a bit too much for the pro-wrestler.

Taking on Mickey Gall, who had made a successful UFC debut earlier in the year, Brooks suffered a stunning defeat. Within the first round, Gall earned a submission victory over “C.M. Punk” with a rear-naked choke. Since then, Brooks has been hard at work training his MMA skills.

While many fight fans considered the pro-wrestler’s MMA career to have come to a short and bitter end, it would appear that “C.M. Punk” may be returning after all.

A new rumor suggests that Phil Brooks is being target for a co-main event slot on a UFC fight card early next year. Here is the original report from news source Middle Easy:

“Huge if true but despite an 0-1 record, the UFC still plans to book CM Punk in a co-main event pay-per-view whenever he returns to the cage; likely the first quarter of 2018.”