“Shogun” Rua To Twitter Fan: ‘I made more in one fight, than you in your lifetime’

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua isn’t known to lash out at internet trolls and fight fans.

But today in an uncharacteristic reply to a fan on twitter he snapped back with a pretty epic response.

“Shogun” has reemerged as a full-fledged contender as of late. Currently riding a three-fight winning streak, the former UFC champion is now just one or two wins away from a potential shot at the UFC belt he once held.

In this new twitter spat, the fan fired the first shot, and we have this dialogue translated for you.

Check it out:

Fan: “What’s the point of being a fighter and finalized by Sonnen?”

Shogun: “At least what I won in this fight you will never win a lifetime.”


“Shogun” is not currently booked to fight, though we expect an announcement to come relatively soon.