Steven Seagal Facing Sexual Allegations, Following Female Audition Gone Wrong

Martial Arts legend Steven Seagal finds himself amid sexual harassment allegations.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Steven Seagal is the latest Hollywood player to get caught in the crossfire of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal. Actress and “Inside Edition” correspondent Lisa Guerrero recently told Newsweek about an uncomfortable audition she had with the actor-producer in the 1990s.

She alleged that in 1996, when she was 31, Guerrero was asked to audition at Seagal’s home for a role in the film “Fire Down Below.”

Hesitant to go alone, Guerrero said that her casting agency sent someone to accompany her, and when she and her female companion arrived at Seagal’s home, he greeted them wearing only a silk robe.

Once she had returned home, Guerrero said that her manager told her that Seagal wanted her for the lead role, but that she’d have to return to his house that night for a private rehearsal. Guerrero declined.

Guerrero did earn a small role in “Fire Down Below” but recounted a story of how on set Seagal whispered to male colleagues extensively before he invited her to visit his dressing room. Again, she declined.

Guerrero is not, however, the first woman to accuse Seagal, 65, of inappropriate conduct.

In a 1998 interview with Movieline, former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy recalled her audition for “Under Siege 2” during which she claimed that Seagal repeatedly told her to take off her dress, which resulted in McCarthy fleeing in tears.

A spokesman for Seagal denied McCarthy’s claims to the Daily Beast.

In 2010, Seagal was sued by a personal assistant accusing him of sexual harassment and illegal sex trafficking. The case was later withdrawn and documents submitted to the court did not mention if a settlement had been reached.

Representatives for Seagal did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment Friday morning.